We wanted a fund raiser which was just a bit different. We didn’t have a big budget for loads of different and acts and we decided to have a drag artiste evening. They’re so on trend at the moment. It was a great choice – our drag artiste provided music, we had a sing song, she was so sharp. A superb evening. (drag artiste Wales, September 2019)

We booked a tall mixed raced stripper for Bethany because she’s quite picky about what she wants and we were so relieved when our stripper turned up because he was tall and mixed race. He was gorgeous, ripped and did a really sexy show for her. Phew! (male stripogram Winchester, September 2019, stripper Bobby)

Fabio is the sexiest stripper that I have ever seen. He’s at the top of my birthday wish list. (male stripper in Leamington Spa, September 2019, stripper Fabio)

We wanted a stripping treat for both our birthday girls but we couldn’t really afford to have two strippers. But our stripper Cage was brilliant. He had both the girls up and he had everyone laughing and both girls joining in. He didn’t charge us any more. We could have asked for a better evening. Thanks Cage – we love you. (stripogram Oldham, September 2019, stripper Cage)

We love our parties here in Swansea – proper party animals. We booked a roly poly kissogram because we thought that that’d be funny. There were kids there and all sorts of family. Our roly poly was so good and funny. She had everyone in stitches. (roly poly kissogram Swansea, September 2019)

I didn’t think that I’d be able to get a stripogram during the day – I though they’d just be for pubs in the evening. But she really brightened up the work day for everyone – not just our lucky birthday boy. female stripogram Ellesmere Port, September 2019

We booked a rolypoly and a sexy stripper in Bournemouth. Both girls turned up on time which really helped because we were on a pretty tight schedule. And the girls knew each other and coordinated together perfectly. (rolypoly kissogram and sexy stripogram Bournemouth, August 2019). Redd and Jodie.

Gabriella and Jessie put on a great show and it made our stag weekend. (stag weekend strippers Bridgwater) stag weekend strippers Gabriella and Jessie

Our cougar stripper was so funny. She had him doing all sorts of daft stuff. And it’s all on film! (cougar stripper Bexley, August 2019) Cougar stripogram Lorraine.

It was his fantasy to have a gorgeous girl in a stretch limo. Shell was perfect. (limo stripper Cardiff, August 2019) gorgeous stripper Shell

We’d been told that we wouldn’t be able to get what we wanted but you organized it for me. Thanks. (black make stripper Hertford. August 2019) Sir Dancealot

Tara was brilliant. Please thank her from all of us. (female strippergram Neath, August 2019) strippergram Tara

Right at the last minute you managed to sort me a  super stripper. It really made his night. (Harry’s birthday stripper Middlesbrough. August 2019. stripper Hayley

Thanks for a great night – everything was perfect.  (feedback for Fabio, hen night stripper in Birmingham 2019)

Jason’t stag night. Super service. Finding a venue for us was ideal. (Jason’s stag night stripogram in Warminster). August 2019. stripogram Bliss

Great. Thank you for a smooth evening. (stag night party in Manchester. August 2019)

Kayleigh’s hen night. Thanks for getting a great stripper. (stag night stripper Plymouth, July 2019) stripper Emma

Mr Big was hilarious. (hen night stripper Guildford) July 2019 Strippergram rolypoly Mr Big

We had a great night. Many thanks for Morgan for a hot show. (stag night stripper Chelmsford. Jul 2019) female stripper Morgan

We got exactly what we wanted for our hen – sexy black male stripper. (hen night black male stripper Maidstone) July 2019. stripper Danny Boy

Louise was great fun. She joined in with our drinking games – and even knew a couple of her own. (topless waitress Barnstaple) July 2019. topless waitress Louise

Jodie was just a beautiful as her pictures (we’ve had some nasty surprises booking through other agencies) but Jodie was perfect. (stag night strip show Newquay) July 2019. stripper Jodie

We were a bit apprehensive about whether strippers on a joint stag and hen night would be a good idea – or a total disaster! But Faith and Lloyd were so professional. They had everyone relaxed and having fun. (stag and hen joint party strippers Gateshead). June 2019. female stripper Faith and male stripper Lloyd

Charlie was exactly what we had in mind – super. (female stripper Newmarket) June 2019. female stripper Charlie Darling

Bobby was gorgeous. All we really needed was a stripper who was taller than our tall bride – at over 6 foot, Bobby was just right. (hen night strippergram Yeovil). June 2019. strippergram Bobby

Candy and Honey were super hot. They filled our evening and their girl-girl show was worth chipping again to watch again! (stag night stripper show Devon). June 2019. lesbian strippers Candy and Honey

Sir Dancealot was as much fun as I hoped that he’d be. Thank you. (male stripper Tring Hertfordshire) June 2019. black male stripper Sir Dancealot

Our birthday boy had always gone on about Oriental girls so we thought we’d treat him on his 21st – and what a treat she was! (oriental stripper Bolton). May 2019. Oriental stripper Mailing

Please pass on our thanks to Tyrese – he really made her hen night. (hen night stripper Edinburgh). May 2019. male stripogram Tyrese

A great night in a great party town and a great stripper too. (stag weekend stripper Newcastle). May 2019. female stripogram Hattie.

A big thank you for a great hen night stripper. (male stripper Stoke on Trent). May 2019. male strippergram Chambers

Cor. We never wanted the show to end. Two smashing girls. (lesbian strip show strippers, Denbigh, North Wales). May 2019. stag night strippers Katie and her best friend Jo.

Hot Chocolate was such a good laugh. Even my mum loved him. (male stripper, Bath) stripper Hot Chocolate

I thought that our stag night was going to be ruined when the strippers we’d booked (from a different agency) let us down. But you saved the night at such short notice. Thanks. (stag night stripper, Bristol). May 2019. female stripper Shell

John’s 21st: Alina was fantastic. She made him completely at ease and stayed afterwards. Couldn’t have asked for more. (female stripogram Slough). April 2019. stripper Alina

We laughed and laughed. He didn’t where to put himself. Lady Haha was great – money well spent. (stag night rolypoly Chepstow). April 2019. rolypoly grotagram Lady Haha

Having started off saying that she didn’t want a stripper, Dan made our night. (hen night stripper Honiton). April 1029. stripogram Dan

We’ve had Hayley before and were delighted that we could book her again. She might become our stag night tradition. (roly poly kissogram Manchester). April 2019. roly poly kissogram Hayley

George’s stag. Thank you Summer for a great evening. (stag night stripper Bath). April 2019. stripper Summer.

Donna’s birthday. We were looking for something just for a bit of fun but nothing too much. But we talked with Cage and told him what we wanted and he was perfect. (birthday male stripogram in Oldham). April 2019. male stripogram Cage