Project Description

Italian Stallion – Male Stripper

We are proud to feature Italian Stallion in our outstanding portfolio of male strippers. As one of our artistes he is, of course, fully trained and experienced.
Italian Stallion travels extensively. As well as strip show performances for ladies nights, hen shows, ann summers, etc. Italian Stallion performs stripograms and kissograms. In common with all of our artistes Italian Stallion works comfortably with all audiences – old or young, large parties or intimate private parties and LGBTQ. And he can cater to all occasions – so whether you have a birthday to celebrate, a hen night or a hag night, retirement, leaving, homecoming – any reason that you can think of to party! – then Italian Stallion will add his magic.
Once you have Italian Stallion booked for you, you will always meet with him before his performance. You can let him know your requirements and discuss his performance with him and he’ll be happy to accommodate any requests.
If you’re considering buff-butlers or looking a model for nude life drawing then we are happy to recommend Italian Stallion .