Stag Show Information

First thing is to decide what you’re after. “Stag night” is a phrase used to describe a few boys celebrating a stag night going round the town for drinks or having a boys night in at home. Or “Stag night” can mean a hired function hall with an all-men ticket-only evening complete with two or more female strippers and comedian.

So what do you need? A female strippergram/stripogram or a female stripper? (There’s more information for you in our information and FAQ)

Well, the difference is that a stripagram lasts approximately 15 minutes, it’s usually focussed on one special girl and you want photograph and film it if you want. Stripagrams can take place in a public venue -a bar or club or restaurant, etc. – as long as you’ve the permission from the venue management. Whereas a stripper performs for longer and stronger. It is a performance for the whole room to enjoy and interact with – at the strippers invitation – and the performance often includes explicit nudity and is obviously best for single sex audiences in a private venue. If you book two strippers then they are available for tips for girl-girl lesbain shows as well as private dances, lap dances,  etc.

Stag shows/Gentlemens’ Nights are only for adult audiences in a private venue and are strictly ‘men only!’

They are great for fund raising (football clubs raising money for the new season’s kit, charity promotional evenings, etc.); for the works annual/Christmas do; or for corporate occassions. Also more traditionally for friends on a Stag or Bachelor evening.

It’s good to have a comic/compere as well as the girls, but this depends on you and you can book whatever your taste and budget chooses. When organising your stag we offer absolute flexibility and can produce a package to suit all venues and budgets. Whether you require only one female or a full package with a comic/compere and many female strippers, then we can cater for you. Your choice will depend on whether you are an intimate party in a private house or selling 500 tickets to fill a function hall: we’ll always be able to advise on the most suitable acts for your evening.

If you’re a club, restaurant, sports club or social club and you want to put on a Hen Show then we’re serveral packages to cater for all audiences and budgets:

  • Female strippers – one, two, three or more depending on ticket sales;
  • Female strippers performing one strip spot or two strips each through the evening;
  • Blue Comedians with one, two or more Female Strippers;
  • Topless Barmaids and Waitresses and ‘Meet and Great’ Hostesses.

Further details and pricing and information is availble over the phone (07780712857) and we are here at any time to discuss your budget, function hall, ticket sales and prices, times, etc. at any time. (Or please email team)


You can email, text or 07780 712 857 or 0845 305 8113